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This resource explains how exercise and physical activity affects your blood glucose and what you should bear in mind before you start exercising.

This explains what happens at an eye screening appointment.

Some useful advice to help you to look after your feet.

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This page gives you advice about wearing the most suitable shoes, taking into account the shape of your feet and your diabetes.

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Footwear Advice

Web Resource

This resource is for people who are about to start or have started using the Freestyle Libre. Please work through the sections within the resource to learn more about the Libre .

Image for French - Closer monitoring and treatment for diabetic retinopathy

Suivi plus régulier et traitement de la rétinopathie diabétique

Image for French - Your guide to diabetic eye screening

Your guide to diabetic eye screening Votre guide sur le dépistage de l’oeil diabétique


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