Research studies

 Motivate T2D

The University of British Columbia and Liverpool John Moores University are conducting a research study to help those with type 2 diabetes. Their aim is to identify effective methods to help people with T2D increase and maintain their everyday physical activity levels and start exercising regularly to benefit their physical and mental health.

The study is open for anyone across the UK with type 2 diabetes to join. Participants will get one to one remote exercise counselling for 6 months or one to one remote exercise counselling for 6 months plus technology and then followed up for a further 6 months. To find out more about the study you can go to their website at or you can watch “The Truth about getting fit at home” which is available on BBC iPlayer.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is the leading charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of every person affected by or at risk of diabetes.

We provide information, help and peer support, so people with diabetes can manage their condition effectively. We are one of the largest funders of diabetes research in the UK.

Diabetes UK South West

Help make a difference in the lives of people living with diabetes in the South West region.

Our volunteers are at the heart of Diabetes UK and without their support, we could not carry out our vital work in research, education, support and care. Our volunteers bring skills, experience, energy, enthusiasm and commitment to Diabetes UK.  Volunteering can make a big difference in your life too, giving you a brilliant opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and have fun.

Whether you can spare an hour a month or a day a week, there is a range of ways that you can get involved in our work. 

If you are interested in volunteering you can find out about all of our current volunteer opportunities, or if you would like further details about volunteering in the North West region please contact the North West Volunteering Team on 01925 644 566 or email

Local Groups and Communities

You can also find out more about Diabetes UK local groups and communities in your area, and how you can get involved.

Who to contact

Contact the South West office:

01823 448 260

Diabetes UK

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