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This page contains useful tips on how to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

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DigiBete is a video web platform and App designed to help support children, young people and families self-manage their own Type 1 Diabetes by extending the reach of clinical teams online. Their resources offer digital education, awareness, training and support to patients and families living with T…

This page describes two ways used to calculate if you are a healthy weight: BMI and waist circumference. These are used to work out if you are underweight, a healthy weight or overweight and any potential impact your weight has on your health.

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هل أحتاج إلى فقدان الوزن؟

Diabetes UK has useful resources for information on how to manage diabetes. We have created a list of links to advice on managing diabetes at home with the support of family, friends, neighbours.

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Emma's Diary offers baby and pregnancy advice for mums to be.

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This resource will offers recipes, advice and expert diabetes nutritional information.

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A site that aims to help people with diabetes using insulin to feel comfortable with taking up exercise – covers the basic rules for most people living with diabetes.

This page discusses physical activity and exercise.

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