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Image for Driving

This page explains what you need to know about driving if you have diabetes. It covers practical information such as the implications for your car insurance and whether you should inform the DVLA that you have diabetes, as well as potential risks such as having a hypo when you are at the wheel.

Image for Erectile dysfunction
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This page discusses impotence, its causes and available treatments.

Image for Fibre and Wholegrains
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This page discusses fibre and wholegrains, and how you can include them as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Image for Food and Travel
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Some tips to help you enjoy the local cuisine while travelling.

Image for Food Labels
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This page discusses food labels found on packaging, and how you can use these labels to make healthy food choices.

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Image for Footwear Advice
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This page gives you advice about wearing the most suitable shoes, taking into account the shape of your feet and your diabetes.

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Image for FreeStyle Libre
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This resource is for people who are about to start or have started using the FreeStyle Libre. Please work through the sections within the resource to learn more about the Libre .

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