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Image for Gujarati - Non Insulin Medication (Tablets & Injectables)

ઇન્સ્યુલિનરહિત દવાઓ (ટૅબ્લેટ્સ અને ઇન્જેક્શનથી લઈ શકાતી દવાઓ)

Image for Gujarati - Sick Day Rules for Type 2 Diabetes

બિમારીના દિવસના નિયમો ટાઇપ 2 ડાયબિટીસ

Image for Gujarati - Your guide to diabetic eye screening

તમારી માગર્દિશર્કા ડાયબેટક ખની તપાસ કરવા માટની

Image for Gujarati- Closer monitoring and treatment for diabetic retinopathy

Closer monitoring and treatment for diabetic retinopathy ડાયાબેટીક રેટીનોપથી માટે નજીકથી દેખરેખ અને સારવાર

Image for How to Reduce Your Risk of Genital Fungal Infection

This leaflet explains why men and women who have diabetes may develop a genital fungal infection and how to manage it.

External Resource

INPUT Diabetes is an excellent website that has very detailed, high quality information on diabetes technology.

Image for Kidney Disease (Nephropathy)
External Resource

Diabetes UK resource about kidney disease (or diabetic nephropathy). It can happen to anyone, but it's much more common in people with diabetes and people with high blood pressure.

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