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What's Your Favorite Diabetic Recipe?

Do you have an excellent diabetic recipe? Share it with the mydiabetes community? Here's how...

Go to the forum here. Provide your recipe, in detail, in the comments below the forum post. Be sure to provide the total carbohydrates and if possible the diabetic exchange for each recipe.

Don't have the total carbohydrates...don't worry! I can provide the carbohydrates for you. Just send me the recipe in a message. I will calculate the recipes carbohydrates and send it back to you for posting here.

Make sure that you provide the source of the recipe if found in a cookbook or website. Also, if you can, provide a photo of the recipe so that others can see how it should look after the recipe has been prepared.

For an example, see the recipe I have provided below the forum post. Also, let me know if you would like to see the recipe on my website the Diabetic Cookbook Blog. Rest assured you will be credited for your participation here as well as on my site.

To see other diabetic recipes you can go to my recipe archive here. I would like to thank everyone in advance who participates in this endeavor to provide diabetic recipes to the mydiabetes community.

Diabetically Yours,

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