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Understanding Diabetic Neuropathic Pain

Diabetic neuropathic pain is a serious and painful condition. The disorder affects the nerves and can affect any organ in the body. Symptoms can include numbness of extremities, vision changes, difficulty swallowing, muscle contractions and many more. In diabetic patients usually display neuropathic pain in a leg or foot. Doctors may diagnose by examining the appendage for ulcers but often uses a tuning fork to measure pressure sensation. Physicians may treat this condition by prescribing an anticonvulsant. 

Some people use physical therapy to help deal with their pain. This combined with exercise may help control symptoms. While treatments and physical therapy can help with the symptoms, this condition typically progresses.  According to the 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet, 60%- 70% of diabetics suffer from some type of neuropathy.  That is a lot of people dealing with horrible pain on a daily basis. Researchers in Israel recently announced that they had located the  CACNG2 gene, which is related to neuropathic pain. This is an important finding, as it is the first step towards a finding a cure.

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