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Six Little Friends of Your Food, Your Diet, and Your Diabetes


One of the challenges of living with diabetes is often the change that needs to be made with the food and drink that we consume . Your medical advisors will, no doubt, have given you some very specific advice about what kind of foods to eat and what kind of foods to avoid.


Mydiabetes.com is about providing support to patients, family members, friends, and health care professionals who travel on the diabetes journey.  In this weeks blog we look at ways in which we might think about the food and the drinks that we consume. Planning in advance may support us in remaining focussed on those changes recommended by our medics.


Here is a recipe for thinking about Food and Drink, Diet, and Diabetes (snack on the bits that you feel may be useful and leave the rest alone).


Ingredients: Who, What, Why Where, When, How.




1) Think about Who you will be eating with – have you shared your diabetes story with them? Are they aware of the changes that you are making in your eating and lifestyle?


2) Plan in advance What you are going to eat – planning in advance may help you to avoid the temptation to eat foods that are not a part of your recommended intake.


3) Before you start to eat ask the question Why are you eating this food at this precise moment? Is it because you are hungry or is there another reason?


4) Where are you planning to eat? If you are planning to eat out investigate the menu in advance – call the restaurant and ask them if they will prepare food to match your specific needs.


5) When do you plan to eat? Are you planning regular balanced meals? Maintaining a balance of blood sugar levels may be helped by a regular eating pattern.


6) And finally How are you eating? Are you eating fast like the way fast food outlets quickly serve up their offerings or are you starting to really enjoy the flavour of the foods that you are eating? Are you eating SLOWLY  and taking time to rest and enjoy you new diet?


Expected Results:


More control and more learning about our food and drink, diet, and diabetes.


Have a great week – good luck and please do share your news.








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