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Sometimes I get out of bed on the wrong side, sometimes something, or somebody, upsets my mood, and sometimes it is just one of those days. One of those days when nothing goes right from morning till night, as Mr Presley would say.

I can't guarantee that the following Ideas are bullet proof but they seem to work for me in the daily requirement to be positive.

1) Make the inner voice in your head speak to you in a positive way.

When the nagging doubts creep into your mind replace them with positive thoughts or affirmations. Make these affirmations in the current tense, in a positive way, and personal to you.

For example swap any nagging doubts for an internal dialogue that says "I can achieve this." "I can complete this project." "I am a good parent"

2) Picture a positive outcome- Visualise a positive picture

Get a mental picture in your head of good things happening, visualise yourself being successful or achieving the things that you want. Make the picture vivid and as real as possible. If the self doubt creeps in close your eyes and see the picture of success for you that you have created.

3) Keep positive company

We are who we mix with. If we spent too much of our time with negative people then we too will become negative. To remain positive it is important then to spend our time with positive people. People who encourage, support and enthuse.

A famous football manager from England called Mr Brian Clough gave the following advice for when the going gets tough.

He said " Never never ever quit. If you ever feel like quitting go to bed and sleep on it. If you wake up in the morning and feel like quitting go to bed that night and sleep on it again. Keep going to bed and keep sleeping on it until such time as you have changed your mind.

Sleep well and keep positive.

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