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We all have a story to tell about our relationship with diabetes. What's yours?

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My father did not attend my high school graduation ceremony. Instead, he lay in a hospital bed, having just been diagnosed with diabetes, admitted to the hospital with a blood sugar between 800-900. All I remember about diabetes as a child was people referring to someone as having "sugar" and never being able to eat sweets again. No one in the immediate family had been diagnosed with diabetes until my dad. He learned quickly to manage his diet, check his blood sugars and take insulin. He actually managed very well until he developed a sore on his foot that went unreported. Eventually, he would have 3-4 amputations of his toes as a result of diabetes before he ultimately died of colon cancer in 1996.
I was a young nursing student at the time of the diagnosis and didn't know much or understand much and let my parents handle my father's diabetes. I feel priveleged now to work with diabetic patients and sometimes feel as though I am doing it for him. Things have changed alot in terms of the tools we have to manage diabetes but many of the challenges remain. I am inspired by teaching people about diabetes and am hopeful that with education and tools like this site, we can begin to change the worldwide epidemic that is diabetes.
what inspires me most is that diabetes completely changed my life for the better. I am overweight no longer, I exercise, I am much more sensible about what I eat, I have cut a new hole in my leather belt and my 'younger' clothes fit me again :-)

... and if recent research is to be believed, my brain is sharper!

One of our members sent me an email last night. She told me that she was diagnosed some 30 years ago. She told me how at the time she ignored the diagnosis.

As a result of this she has some complications but is working hard to get back in control. She is not there yet but she is back on the road which has to be tackled step by step.
I have been inspired by the diabetes through making my life better. I have started to diet and eat healthier, walking in the mornings and evenings. All this has given me complete control of my diabetes and I have been feeling great thank God. This has also inspired me to help others and share how I have been abel to keep under control with this sickness. I do not waver what so ever when it comes to eating right. My life is more important to me than having or sneaking cookies or sweets to eat lol. This is not good and it only affects us more. So I encourage all of you to stay on track and keep healthy, this will give us a much longer life, and we will feel much better. And please, use your meter as often as you need to, especially if your feeling a little down or not feeling well. The meter tells us where we are with our sugar in the blood. It keeps us on track. Best to all.....
What inspired me to be on a fantastic journey that started in 1977, being clinically dead, in BOSTON, with BG of 880. Since I have a "second chance' have been a ROLE MODEL to over 40.000 and as a 91 computer rookie, have found way to mentor to diabetics in areas, high % in diabetes , but low in info. A member of a LIONS CLUB, for 32 years, suggest that they get in touch with their local LIONS CLUB, they have an excellent diabetes prevention & awareness program. We can reach diabetics everywhere because there are 45.000 LIONS CLUBS , I am inspired to the point of asking insulin-users, worldwide, to join me, in silence, JULY 30 INSULIN APPRECIATION DAY, to call 5 DIABETICS, and say THANKS FOR INSULIN, giving hundreds of millions of US a chance to line healthy and productive lives,TODAY. Check out www.restorethebantinghomestead.com and see why AMIGOS will be selling BLUE ROSES that day? This flower was chosen because of its meaning,"ATTAINING THE IMPOSSIBLE" our motto and mission.
I am a believer of the law of attraction and several years ago I put my mind to work, wanting to be healthier. I wanted to lose weight and eat better. Well 8 months later I was diagnosed with diabetes. I got sick and had to take control of my problem. I worked with a endo doctor and he told me one day that I would be healthier than I ever had been.

Well I lost the weight, I eat healthier than I have ever done and yes I am healthier than ever.

So be prepared for what you attract to your life and be prepared to except the out come.
Right you ARE Ronda.What a nice way to pay tribute or remember our loved one by helping others with same or similar diseases.People need to realise "It is NOT Diabetes BUT it is UNCONTROLLED Diabetes that KILLS!"-Dr.C.S.Buch,India




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