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Member is concerned about her 70+ year old brother and his footcare.

Hi I'm asking this question because i have just learned my brother of 70+ has just been told he has Diabetes, I've been told he has got no feeling in 2 of his tows, I work in health care 'looking after elderly folk' So have seen some of the elderly with this disease, Would my brother loose his foot? I think he's not on a very good diet, Is this called a secondary Diabetes? Will he be on insulin? Reguards Gerry 'worried sister.

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Greetings, Gerry. The good news is that your brother doesn't have to lose his foot. Proper foot care can help to insure that a diabetic keeps his/her toes and feet. Some tips: He must check his feet often for cuts and sores on a daily basis, (especially since he has lost sensation in his toes), wear well-fitting, comfortable shoes with natural fiber socks, like cotton that don't fit too tight around the ankles. It is important to keep his feet dry as moisture breeds bacteria which can cause infections. If applying lotion to the feet, avoid getting the lotion between the toes where moisture can build up. Also, make sure to use caution when clipping toenails, again to avoid developing cuts and sores. Most importantly, seek medical attention at the first sign of any cut/sore to prevent infection. I hope you find this information helpful.
Regards, Ronda




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