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As a diabetic who was clinically dead, in BOSTON with a BG of 880, my second chance has started me on a fantastic journey. Since 1977, I have been a ROLE MODEL, to at least 40.000 diabetics,and as a 91 computer rookie, has found a way to mentor to areas that is aking them 'WHAT DO YOU NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR DIABETES PREVENTION & AWARENESS PROGRAM? As a LION member have suggested they contact their local LIONS CLUB, because they have an excellent diabetes program. On JULY 30 INSULIN APPRECIATION DAY, I will be asking insulin-users,worldwide, to call 5 DIABETICS and join me, in silence, to give THANKS FOR INSULIN, giving hundreds of millions of US a chance to live healthy and productive lives TODAY. Check out www.restorethebantinghomestead.com and see why AMIGOS will be selling BLUE ROSES on that day. This flower was chosen because of its meaning, "ATTAINING THE IMPOSSIBLE", our mission and motto. clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

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What a great cause! I too am involved in a new project called Global DIabetic Awareness. Among other things, we have a Petition going to declare a World Diabetic KID'Z Day. Here is the link:


this is the 'main' petition. There is also another one started at:


Please help us "Tell Diabetes we are not afraid of IT, IT better be afraid of US!".

God Bless and thank you!




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