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I would be interested to know if anyone has a similar problem to mine.

There seems to be little correlation between my HBA1C results and my daily glucose readings. The latter appear to be very high most of the time yet the former appear to be getting lower indicating that my 'average' reading is fine. This completely bamboozles me! Any ideas as to why this might be,
Thank you.

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When you say high, could you put some numbers to that?

Have you calibrated or checked your meter lately? Do you wash your hands before testing?

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Thanks for replying, Simon. When I say high I mean readings of maybe 11 or 12 when they ought to be nearer 7. I haven't calibrated for a while to be fair so will do so! And noone ever mentioned to me about washing my hands first - does that have an effect then?

Kind regards

Hi Amy,

I have to admit that I rarely wash my hands before doing a test but when I went on a DAPHNE course the diabetic nurse recommended it as it can affect your test.

At what times are you testing? I'm a type 1 so my understanding of type 2 is limited. I had a similar thing however whereby my HbA1c was quite good but my readings were bouncing around. This has been a lot better since going on a DAPHNE course (sorry, no help to you there) and getting a better handle on my insulin requirements. Do you perhaps go a lot lower during the night? Might be worth doing a test in the night at some point.

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P.S Like the potato recipe, sounds gorgeous. Includes everything that my missus loves as well :-)
Thanks Simon,

If my readings were low at night I would expect the morning reading to be low but it is usually between 6-7!
I guess I shouldn't worry too much if the HBA1Cs are ok though! Just a bit confusing.
The nice thing about that meal is that the filling can be prepared very quickly (10 mins) in advance so all you have to do when tired in the evening is throw the potato as it is into the oven! Hope you like it. You can use the quantities that you want of all the ingredients.

Kind regards

There can be 2 situations which explain the difference between BG and A1c
If the DM is newly diagnosed,A1c may be Normal and BG may be very HIGH in the range even of 600mg% !

In longstanding DM if there are repeated HYPOS the A1C value may be good but the interval BG will be high.This needs to be avoided-Both the HIGHS and the HYPOS.

For more explanation,actual readings of few days will be needed to be reviewed if needed.Hope this helps

Dr C S Buch




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