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I got an email inviting me to share my favourite foods with you lot, and couldn't find a thread so I hope this is a good place :-)

Broccoli is definitely in there, we have steamed broccoli and carrots with nearly every meal! It's easy to prepare and I will often use the water underneath to boil up Dreamfields pasta, or wholemeal pasta.

I love quinoa - it's so easy to cook, boils in less than 15 minutes before those lovely little tails pop out.
It takes sauces, and the flavours of meat and fish, and I often have a fried egg on top of the leftovers for breakfast. A slight touch of salt, a LOT of ground black pepper and a goodly sprinkle of fennel seed. YUM!

I always have a salad , mostly dark green leaves, and mix with chopped onion, celery, tomatoes, grated carrot, some pine nuts, and for occasional special - a dollop of large prawns or seafood mix.

I love the Food Doctor's spelt crackers - matzos with a hairshirt :-)

They are a great snack at any time of day, sometimes with a simple butter substitute ( we use Flora Proactive, or Benecol), sometimes with peanut butter, even honey(!). Sardines, clams in olive oil, smoked salmon offcuts - there's a lot of nice fillers, and it doesn't need a lot.

I've discovered Senseo decaf coffee pods - delicious.

And I love a really rock-hard conference pear before breakfast - which mostly consists of lo-fat yoghurt, a touch of stevia, some milk, some blueberries, Tesco' salt-free muesli, some crushed californian walnuts, with which I happily watch my first Sky News of the day



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Anne M Roed from Norway suggest the following use of Broccoli.

" You can put the broccoli in the blender with creme fresh or olive oil, salt and pepper- taste great sauce with chicken"
I'm going to have to try that. Do you know of the exact recipe ingredient amounts and what the carbs may be?
Sorry Adam I don't. I'll drop a line to Anne Roed for the quantities/exact recipe amounts.
Let's See, my favorite foods, that's a toughy because I really like everything, but I would have to say that several of them are:

--> Chicken - In just about any form, especially fried. Try this diabetic fried chicken recipe here.

--> Shellfish - Especially shrimp, which is difficult, because I live in a desert. Check out this wonderful Hawaiian inspired diabetic shrimp recipe here.

--> Berries - Of any type. Discover this wonderful diabetic berry dessert recipe here.

--> Nuts - Also of any type, but especially smoked almonds. I love the Fried Chicken recipe above because it uses pecans as the coating.

--> BBQ - anything barbecued. The sauce is what makes it. Here is a scrumptious Diabetic BBQ sauce that you can try.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'll post more if I discover more.
lovely links :-)

The chicken recipe is so similar to our own, although we use whole eggs whipped up rather than one egg and the whites of 4 more. any idea why he suggests this?
Normally I would use coarse oatmeal, but pecans in 2 grades sounds wonderful - will try.

The shellfish recipe contains a lot of mango and papaya, which I tend to avoid on my low GL diet.

I love the BBQ sauce - I would prefer to use Xylitol or Stevia rather than splenda, though. Not clear about this. see http://www.mendosa.com/blog/?p=139

Whole eggs tend to have more cholesterol then just the egg whites. Most of the cholesterol is in the yolk. That's why he suggests only one whole egg for binding and egg whites for consistency and flavor. The shellfish recipe does contain a lot of mango and papaya, however, the amounts can be adjusted for a low GL diet. The BBQ Sauce has to be cooked first, that's the reason I use Splenda. Other sweeteners just don't add the right amount of sweetness without aftertaste and the Splenda can be cooked without after effects.
you might find this interesting:


" Because eggs can actually improve our level of good cholesterol when the conventional wisdom still damns them, I find the conclusions of this new research to be counter-intuitive — and therefore especially interesting."

Hi Peter,

That was an excellent article. It is very interesting to know that it isn't true that eggs are going to affect my cholesterol levels. I think I will use that article to post in my own blog. Thanks for the information.

Diabetically Yours,
interesting as it is, I'd be cautious about confirming it until we learn more. On another discussion group it was pointed out that the liver provides 70% of our cholesterol, and diet provides the rest.
So if eggs are a major contributor to the diet part, then it will indeed effect overall cholesterol in our system.
If anyone has more research to put into this thread, please... :-)

Hi Joy, I'm so pleased that you replied. I have been out of work since release from prison for beating my wife and mistress on the same day, and desperately need someone with funds to pay for my metformin habit.

I am only 67 and hope to get a good job in siberia, breaking ice. Once we get to know one another, perhaps you will join me there?


I love ur humor!




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